stop Stop Facebook automatic video play

Nowadays Facebook has introduced Facebook automatic video play at home. The feature is good if you are unlimited in data and can see whatever other posts in it. But Facebook automatic video play feature wastes your data if you are on limited data range and sometime you may be in problem because it may play the videos that you may not want others to see. So you must be just wandering about how you could stop Facebook automatic video play so that you can preserve your data and privacy. We will be giving ideas of about both computer and mobile to stop this feature.

To stop Facebook automatic video play in Computer follows the following steps:

  1. Open your homepage.
  2. On the right upper corner before chat bar. Click on the settings. (Go to settings)
  3. Then the menu for the setting opens. There you click on videos.
  4. Now you are in video settings. In video Settings there are two main options. One is for video quality called video default quality and another is Auto play videos.
  5. In Auto play videos there is a drop-down with default, on and off. You just click on drop down then select off and it’s done.
  6. If you want to continue with Facebook automatic video play with low quality videos then select the drop down at video default quality and select as your wish.

To stop Facebook automatic video play in mobile phones through apps follows the following steps:

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. On the left corner you have settings menu (click the menu). The menu has three horizontal lines.
  3. Scroll down the menu until you see app settings. Click on app settings.
  4. Now you will see video play automatically option on this section. There if you click then you will get three options. The three options are on, WiFi only and off. You can choose as your need.

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