Canada Work Permit for EPS Nepali Worker in South Korea

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Many EPS Nepali Worker are working in Korea under the EPS TOPIK. EPS TOPIK is the only and legal gateway to work in South Korea. Thousands of people EPS Nepali Worker are employed by the South Korean Government through the EPS TOPIK Exam throughout the globe. EPS Nepali Worker: Apply For Canada Work Permit If

11TH Special EPS TOPIK-CBT Exam Date and Exam Time Notice; 11TH Special EPS Exam Notice

Announcement of 11TH Special EPS exam notice/11TH EPS TOPIK- CBT Test Date and Time EPS Nepal has published 11th special EPS TOPIK-CBT exam notice. You can find the 11th special EPS TOPIK test date and test time from here. There are total 314 candidates for the 11TH Special EPS TOPIK-CBT from the manufacturing, fishing, &

Powerful South Korea !! WHY?? And How Powerful is South Korea ?

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The Korean Peninsula might be one of the most incongruous areas in the world. At one end lies the impoverished, censored, terrifying Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. On the other hand end is the wealthy, hyper-successful, Westernized nation of South Korea. Of course, by comparison, South Korea obviously comes out on top, but we wanted

EPS Result 2015 : Download the Result in PDF FILE

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EPS-TOPIK (Korean language test) written test was held on September 2 and 3. And this EPS exam is the sixth exam in Nepal. The EPS result 2015 have been published by HRD Korea on Thursday. According to Dilliram Bastola,EPS-TOPIK- Korea Branch Director , Eight thousands four hundred ninety (8,490) candidates who had gave the exam

EPS Result 2015 Published: Check the Results

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EPS RESULT PUBLISHED EPS Korean language test  have published  EPS result on Thursday. According to the Korea Branch Director of EPS, Dilliram Bastola, 8,490 students were successfully passed the EPS exam. Here you can find the procedure how to check the EPS result. Among the participants only 19.5 per cent are pass according to the

Compensation and Pension to Worker Through eps Employment Permit System

eps employment permit system

An eps employment permit system gurantee compensation and pension to the workers in South Korea. According to newly endorsed law by the South Korea government, if the worker who serves to South Korea suffered from any disease or any health problematic related to their jobs in South Korea, they will be given compensation rupees and pension.