Facebook Internet.org Effort To Connect The World.

facebook internet.org

Facebook Internet.org Effort To Connect The World. “Connectivity changes lives and communities. We’re going to keep working to connect the entire world — even if that means looking beyond our planet.” The world’s largest social networking site Facebook is going to launch the Satellite, so the people of rural areas of Africa can login with

Facebook Down !!! Why Going Down is a Huge Problem ?

facebook down

Facebook down is the huge problem. You may think Why Facebook down is a huge problem? The internet was sent very fast failure or collapse as Facebook down for the second time in a week, addition with Instagram and Tinder following…. and third time in a month. Due to the Facebook down, lots of people

Facebook Crashed: why its Site Crashed 3 Times a Month ?

facebook crashed

If you are the regular users of Facebook, then you must noticed that Facebook crashed for around 40 minutes on Monday. And this is the second times in this week and third times in this month. When Users were become frustrated as they were unable to access the social network. Facebook Users used Twiter to

Facebook Profile Picture has Rolled out as New Seven Seconds Video.

facebook profile picture

If you haven’t already heard the awesome news – Facebook has rolled out new seven-second video profile pictures.Facebook users now able to have a Seven Seconds Video as a Facebook Profile Picture. Due to this reason may the problems have arise during the opening of Facebook, if you have noticed. If you had seen the