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15 Reasons To Visit Nepal Before You Die

visit nepal Here we listed 15 reasons to visit Nepal before you die. Nepal is the small land lock country lies on South Asia in between China and India. Even though Nepal is small country here are lots of beautiful things that the worlds can’t believe. Now check the 15 reasons to visit Nepal once before you […] Continue reading →

Story About First Climbing Mount Everest

mount everest Mount Everest, the peak of the world. It is obvious that many people willing to first climbing Mount Everest. First climbing Mount Everest, as after the British explore the highest peak in the world, many groups of climbers from Britain, Swiss tried to make the record for first climbing Mount Everest. But all the attempts […] Continue reading →

Amazing Facts of Mount Everest

mount everest Since 1996 at least one person has died on Mount Everest. Each year except for 1997 main causes of death include suffocation fatigue and starvation.  The trail leading to the summit is lined with dead bodies and there is believed to the over 200 people who called Mount Everest their final resting place. 10. Death […] Continue reading →

Mount Everest

mount everest Mount Everst is the highest peak of the World. Mount Everest was name after Sir George Everest, who served in Nepal as Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843. Mount Everest is also know as Sagarmatha in Nepal which meaning in Sanskrit is ” Ocean Mother” and Chomolungma in China which meaning is “Goddess […] Continue reading →