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Professional courses available in Nepal after 10+2

professional courses Nowadays, higher education on any professional course after 10+2 has become the most popular choice to career development among the students after 10+2. After finishing 10+2 HSEB board examination, the students sustained looking after for several courses according to their interest. Grade XII passed students would like to end up in choosing the one with […] Continue reading →

Job Updates, Get Daily Job Offers

job Get job in nepal If you are fresher then getting a job in Nepal is as hard as climbing Mt. Everest. There are not enough jobs in Nepal. People are going abroad in order to get job and earn a good living. May be 70% or 80% youths go abroad in search of job and […] Continue reading →

Nepal: Before and After Earthquake

nepal Nepal: Before Earthquake On January 15th 1934, Nepal suffered one of the worst earthquakes in its history. As an 8.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through the country and its close neighbor Bihar, India. Almost all buildings and homes within the area collapsed with large cracks appearing and leading to extensive liquefaction of the ground. Approximately 11,000 […] Continue reading →

Nepalese, What Nepal Known For ?

nepalese Nepalese homeland is officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. This landlocked country is the 93rd largest country in the world by land mass and is home to the highest point on earth, Mount Everest. Nepalese are  the people who lives in Nepal call themselves Nepali. Nepalese struggles with pervasive poverty and a fragile tourism. […] Continue reading →

Agriculture Solution for Nepal

agriculture solution Agriculture Solution Yeah! Where there is a challenge (problem), there is a remedy (solution).  Despite of numbers of agriculture problem and challenges, we can assist the country introducing agro-products as its backbone. In order to solve the problem of agriculture in Nepal, we have to do a lot in: AGRICULTURE SOLUTION Technology Infrastructures Motivation of […] Continue reading →

15 Reasons To Visit Nepal Before You Die

visit nepal Here we listed 15 reasons to visit Nepal before you die. Nepal is the small land lock country lies on South Asia in between China and India. Even though Nepal is small country here are lots of beautiful things that the worlds can’t believe. Now check the 15 reasons to visit Nepal once before you […] Continue reading →

Agriculture : Main Occupation Of Nepal

agriculture Agriculture, what do you imagine as soon as you hear the word? Perhaps, you start viewing on dealing with the soil or the other feeding the cattle. The meaning of agriculture is not limited within these. Rather, it’s vague. It is extended up to the distribution and marketing along with the production. Here, talking about […] Continue reading →

Unknown Facts of Nepal

nepal Nepal holds a number of records which makes a high profile for this small country. Eventhough for the many Nepalese people there are many unknown facts. In this article we collect some unknown facts of Nepal. Mount Everest being the peak of the world at the height of 8,848m, there are others like the Tilicho lake- […] Continue reading →

Mount Everest

mount everest Mount Everst is the highest peak of the World. Mount Everest was name after Sir George Everest, who served in Nepal as Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843. Mount Everest is also know as Sagarmatha in Nepal which meaning in Sanskrit is ” Ocean Mother” and Chomolungma in China which meaning is “Goddess […] Continue reading →