Today’s Generation is a Generation of Technology. Development of technologies have such a remarkable progress, people are been much fascinated as the result the moment they think of something, they have to do is just one click on a bottom and they will get. In this rapidly developing world where the technology is developing in one sector that has made a huge progress is communication. It’s true that when we talk about the communication system the first thing that comes on everyone’s mind is Mobile.

Technology : Change the life

Just few decades ago, there was used to be a time when people had written a letter and should travel all the way long to post office to send it, which would reach after a month only. But today people not just talk but they can even watch, chat and share the moment what they wants. To improve the communication system,various social media has also been started like Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat and many more where people can easily link with the whole world even with cheap rate. People can share their knowledge and ideas around the world and can gets feedback. Mobile technology has drastically change so fast that we don’t even need any photographer to click our pictures, all we have to do is just click a selfie. No matter which age you are, even a little babies, can take selfie and share it in social media.

In fact as a coin has a two side in a similar manner improvement of technology also do have two sides i.e. positive and negative. It has definitely made the world a very small place but on the other hand it has also made the users a kind of spoon feeding. No man has been so used to of these technologies that, they can’t do anything without them. In this sense, technology has made people lazier and dependent. If they have money, they can do anything what they want. And behind all these development the ones who are mostly affected are children. Children used to come from school and read books in their hands but now all they have is either a remote in their hand to watch their favorite cartoons or else a mobile to play candy crush games. Children are so much addicted to these technologies that their educations are badly affected and as a result bad marks in examination. Similarly their health is also degrades day by day especially on eyes and mind. Of-course, Technology are really important and helpful but they also do have some negative aspects which are the burning issues of today’s world.

As, technology improvements are always  stepping forward towards the development of sophisticated life. And, it depends on us how we use in our daily life.