top 10 amazing places
Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Top 10 amazing places on earth you won’t believe are real listed below. According to the research based on Oxford University, faculty of Geography mentioned the top 10 amazing places on earth are described below.

Top 10 Amazing Places Ever on Earth
  1. Leak Hiller, Australia

    top 10 amazing places

 Lake Hiller is the 10th places among the Top 10 amazing places on earth. It is around 2,000 feet long separated from the ocean by a narrow strip of land.  Surrounding the lake is white sand and woodlands that contrast remarkably with the strangely colored water. The source the pink colored water which doesn’t seem to alter when taken into a container has yet to be discovered with one theory attributing the pink color to red hella flick bacteria in the salt crusts. Despite the unusual Hugh the lake has no known harmful effects on humans.

  1. Deadvlei, Namibia

top 10 amazing placesDead lei is 9th place among the Top 10 amazing places on earth was once a rich blossoming forest, the surrounding desert has killed all life left behind what are effectively trees skeletons long ago river pass through dead Valley as it’s known that eventually dried up leaving a lifeless area behind but a very fascinating landscape.

  1. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

top 10 amazing placesZhangye Danxia is the 8th landform among the Top 10 amazing places on earth. It is a vibrant colors surround this landscape located at the geological Park in the Gansu Provinence. It took 24 million years ago laying down mineral deposits couple with red sandstone to form these colorful and beautiful rock formations. Natural elements are the real artists here. Wind and rain subsequently saw shakes been carved into this rock forming towers, valleys, waterfalls and natural pillars from deep red to yellow, green the highly contrasting bands of color blow most intensely after rainfalls as the setting  Sun Cascone raise and a lace work shadows across the landscape the visual effect becomes even more stunning.

  1. Enchanted Well, Brazil

top 10 amazing placesIt is located at Japata at the M&T net National Park. It is a 120 feet deep and water is so transparent that is clear enough to see the ancient tree trunks and rocks situated at the bottom. When the Sun is glaring down like comes through a narrow opening the palms a stunning blue reflection on the water.

  1. Mount Roraima, South America

top 10 amazing placesThe table top mountain is just one of the oldest mountains on the planet one of the oldest geological formation. It dates back to billion years back to a time when the land was lifted above the ground due to tectonic activity. The size of the mountain serves as a border between Brazil, Jonah and Venezuela. It contains 100’s of waterfalls which is the 6th place in Top 10 amazing places.

  1. Turquoise Ice, Lake Baikal, Russia

top 10 amazing placesThe oldest fresh water lake in the world becomes entirely frozen in the winter. What’s fascinating about this is that when it occurs the water becomes so crystal clear, the 130 feet below the ice. It’s visible during the month of March. This lake lies on 5th place of Top 10 amazing places according to research.

  1. Chocolate Hills, Philippines

top 10 amazing placesAmong the rarest geological phenomenon on earth these hills cover a surface about over 30 square miles on Bohol the 10th largest island in the Philippines. Most of the time these hills are green covered in fur didn’t grasp, but during the dry seasons and during any extended periods of drought, they turn into a shade with chocolate brown. The hills are very regular shape with their perfect symmetry and unexplained to this day. And this is the 4th place on earth Top 10 amazing places.

  1. The Crystal Caverns, Mexico

top 10 amazing placesAlmost 2,000 feet beneath Mexican’s knight silver mine. A chain but downed the cave crystals houses thirty six pillars have solid crystal. Its home is the largest known soft minerals made hydrate calcium sulfate on the planet for around half a million years the hidden caverns remained undiscovered. The caverns were first discovered in 2000 following mining operation. And it is the third place on earth among the Top 10 amazing places.

  1. Eye of Sahara, Africa

top 10 amazing placesIt is also known as the Ire Africa. While taking photos in the desert the crease was initially discovered by astronauts by accident from outer space like you do. The leading theory behind this unusual geological formation is that this was the site a meteorite impact others believe it was formed by volcanic activity. But this fact should help you understand why wasn’t noticed into look tapped space the signs that this crater is over 30 miles in diameter. Scientist believe that eye of Sahara is the 2nd amazing place among Top 10 amazing places on earth.

  1. Tianzi Mountains, China

top 10 amazing placesTianzi Mountains located at China is the first place on earth among the top 10 amazing places on earth. These strange, tall, thin mountains appear to be so alien that they actually appeared in James Cameron’s AVATAR, formed under water 380 million years ago. Some of the mountains are 4000 ft. above sea level and indeed around 3,000 the beach giant structures are spread around just 16 and a half thousands acres of bland beautiful but also very eerie and very alien.

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