Top 25 iOS 10 best Features

Top 25 iOS 10 Best Features

13. Siri: You can used her for more than just stock applications so with this should be able to use Siri call for an uber to start tracking your steps and something like launch YouTube.

14. Improvements Phone App: It’s a little scary that phone app sounds a little bit for consider we use our phones for literally everything but calling these days. So with iOS 10 till now transcribe your voicemails it was also rather that VoIP apps are now natively supported so if you’re getting an external call from a VoIP application is going to look just like it would from a normal phone call.

15. Proactive Suggestions: Google maps and peppers

16. Maps: Maps is the ability to search within your route maps is also the noon after while

17. Make Reservations within Apple Maps: So just like Google Maps.

18. Life Photos: Live Photos now have built an image stabilization and the ability to edit because we all know there are way too many live photos out there in the world.

19. Rough Photos: Now iOS 10 has the ability to add a rough photos which makes a ton of sense with the iPad pro line up.

20. Smarter Search: It allows you to search for photos by not only people but also places and things in them.

21. Memories: This takes relevant photos, pictures, videos and locations and compile them into one sappy montage.

22. Apple Music: They completely redesigned Apple Music.

23. News App: iOS 10 has completely redesigned News app.

24. Brand New Application: Called Homes essentially in your central hub to control everything smart in your house that was definitely not the most exciting thing at WWC but it looks really good and that everyone is looking forward.

25. Apple Pay: Apply pay has finally made its way web. Now this is a little tricky because it’s technically something you would do on your computer through Mac OS Sierra but until touch ID makes its way to the MAC you’re still going to need your phone to complete transaction which is why it’s a huge deal in iOS 10.

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