windows 10

The company is working to overcome the terrible reputation of Windows 8, which was criticized by reviewers and hated by many who used it. It even skipped out Windows 9 apparently in attempt to get a fresh break, and has added a raft of new innovations. Many question arises and it is important for lot of windows users to known about Windows 10. What will you lose actually when you upgrade because everything is compatible especially for Windows 7 users.

Windows 10 features
Windows Media Center will be removed.

Well the first things for all those that are using Windows Media Center in Windows 7 and for those that installed in Windows 8, you have to download it and install it. The windows Media Center will be removed as you go to when those windows 10. And it’s not really surprising and it was something that’s was expected. Basically if you have Windows 7 Home premium, Windows Professional, Windows Ultimate or Window 8.1 pro with media center and when you install Windows 10 Windows Media Center will be removed.

DVD playback inbuilt.

Microsoft notes that DVD playback will be changed. If you’ve got a third party software on Windows seven to watched DVD’s. In Windows 7 if you had the media center you could have playback of DVD’s if you enabled DVD playback. But windows 10 has DVD playback and when you upgrade it will do remove the software which means just possibilities that your favorite DVD player software will still be there and will probably work but they do mention that it’s the defaults that will be changed there.

Desktop gadgets available

Of course there are desktop gadgets in Windows 10. In all these gadgets that started and Windows Vista when there was like a sidebar on the right side of your screen than in windows 7. In order to remove the sidebar just left gadgets there that you can use are well no more gadgets and when those Windows 7 so all of these will be removed.

Windows Games upgrades

Windows 7 users that like solitaire, minesweeper, hearts … all of that will be removed when you upgrade to Windows 10 because you have new versions of solitaire minesweeper and hearts.

Floppy Disk

Floppy disk is not available in windows 10.

Windows Essential live

If you are using windows essential live because of email or due to any applications, Windows 10 keep this as it was not available in windows 8. And basically you’ll be able to use Windows Live Mail as it is a one drive application, you can install and uninstall.