Nepathya music band

Nepathya Music Band was formed in the early 1990s by three students from Pokhara while studying in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepathya music band has gained regular popularity and social recognition. In 21 years of its existence- Nepathya music band has been someone who start a new fashion and style in Nepalese music. They have been the Nepalese Musical Band who helps create or develop new ideas to blend folk melodies into youth friendly pop and rock format. Besides folk, Nepathya’s songs also describes the contemporary Nepal – its pain at times of war and distress using regional dialects from rural Nepal.

Nepathya music band

was formed in 1990 by Deepak Rana, Bhim Poon and Amrit Gurung. Deepak Rana is now a Chopper pilot and Bhim Poon has now living in Hong Kong. And you may know about AMRIT GURUNG who is the active member and known as the Father of Nepathya Muscial Band. Since then, Nepathya has provided many musicians a platform.

Nepalese has seen 21 new faces come and go, but the name Nepathya and its popularity still exists with consistency. Nepathya music band has been a platform for talented musicians.

Amrit Gurung has remained the leader and currently the lead vocalist of Nepathya music band. With 8 albums to its credit, Nepathya from its Chekyo Chekyo days (early 90s) to Jomsome Bazaarma (mid 90s) to Resham (release 2001) to Bhedako Oon Jasto (release 2003) has maintained its popularity in the market.

Nepathya’s 7th album was called ‘GHATANA … incidents of Nepal’. This album was a musical expression of Nepal as Nepalese lived through during 2003-2005 of conflict struck Nepal.

Nepathya’s 8th album – MERO DESH was a collection of songs based on Nepathya’s musical expression of current Nepal. Few songs were fresh and newly recorded and few were from its back listing which Nepathya still thinks was relevant and few had come in forms of re-arranged and re-recorded forms.

Nepathya last album – AINA JHYAL is a continuity of Nepthya’s folk rock genre. It is an outcome of Amrit’s travel to the villages and the positive & peaceful direction to the nation which is now heading after conflict and political transition.

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